A Response to “Why I have a Problem with Conservatives”

Before reading this post I invite you to read “Why I have a problem with Conservatives” here in Medium.

The above article, with the characteristic contemptuous portray of Conservatives values, found on the Political Left, lists all the problems to be found with Conservatives and regale us with the fun facts that the author is a well read person (after all, a Leftist; who would doubt that?), has experienced living in many different countries with all sort of governments and has had a long life with “sufficient inches of qualifications to reach an accurate decision” about all that ails Conservative thought.

Whoever reads the article is confronted with another Leftist that found the truth and took the time to explain why debating Conservatives, and listening to their arguments, is a waste of everyone’s time.

Who can blame this person? After all, the day I reach Nirvana and truth lifts its veil exposing her full glory before my eyes I will also stop wasting my time arguing!

I could not help the temptation to write a response to such a blatant disregard for truth, human freedom and just plain adult maturity disguised as “Enlightenment”; so here I go with my response to the 10 most pressing issues or “problems” laid out against Conservatives:

  • I have no time for outmoded traditions. Traditions belong to tribes, and there is no place for tribalism in the world anymore.

Where did we first heard this? Well of course! The French Revolution! That intellectual spasm where the political Left reared its ugly head for the first time in history. We, at this height of the millenium, have access to the full history and consequence of ideas that went wrong in the past. Edmund Burke, considered the first Conservative, wrote at the time of the French Revolution his “Reflections on the Revolution in France” where he argued that morals and traditions keep us away, and protect us, from circumstances that will destroy us but whose roots are in themselves lost to history.

Whereas the American Revolution gave us John Trumbull’s stamp of men gathered around a room sublimely signing the Declaration of Independence the one coming out of the French Revolution is of its revolutionary father’s beheaded bodies holding their own grinning heads below their arms under the “Libertéégalitéfraternité” banner; totally oblivious that forced “égalité” and “fraternité” would lead to their own “meurtre” by the hand of their own fellows. When it became evident that they unleashed forces of which they could not understand (Burke anyone?)they pushed for a monarch back at the reins; hey worse, an Emperor to rule France. Was not getting rid of the monarch the reason for the French Revolution in the first place?

This Emperor ended spreading war and misery through Europe spawning, what we call nowaday, nationalism; a phenomenon which did not exist previously. The history of France in the 19th century is of a nation looking for a way back to a time before the mindlessness of Leftism made its appearance. A country devoid of will to even defend itself when the circumstances called for it as we saw in WWII.

It’s just adolescent arrogance to hold this view at this height of the Millenium.

  • I am a hardcore atheist — Judeo-Christian beliefs are primitive myths. They have no bearing on reality, and a great many of their so called ethics are anything but ethical. It’s perfectly okay to be gay, to sleep with people before one is married, and to have an abortion.

Besides the fact that Atheism is an untenable position that can only be held if a person refuses to think, Agnosticism being a more intelligent one, here the Leftist is ranting against the religion that most shaped Western Civilization. Mind you there are no Atheistic Civilization in world history worth talking about if any; since a metaphysical story is necessary for people to start to think, to rationalize and then shape their thinking.

The last time Leftism tried to build an Atheistic Civilization from the ground up, free of “primitive religion”, the Soviet Union was born. We all know the trail of pessimism, death and emptiness that such a civilization brought to the lands where people were seduced or forced into it. It was the pinnacle of Leftists effort to do away with Christianity since the French Revolution. What a nightmare for Leftists must be to watch that after the fall of Communism people who identify themselves as Orthodox Christians in Russia went up from 31% to 70% in 15 years.

Unlike the history pushed through popular culture, which the political and academic Left dominates, Christianity spread without force or coercion in Europe and the rest of the world. The killings due to religion, that the Left so much rave about, was a phenomena related more to politics and religion mingling together after Christianity spread. There is a reason why Christian sexual mores, sanctity of life and outlook of life took hold amongst the populace in a time where sexual mores were loose and people could discard their babies at will in the Roman Empire. Seems like we will rediscover what was already lost to history and fought against by no other than women themselves in early Christianity.

  • Individualism is the root of narcissism. People who grow up been taught that they are entitled to do and have anything they like without checking the consequences of their own actions on others are not good people. They are self-centred, and, over a period of time, communities comprising them fail. That’s because communities only work when the people within them work collectively for the greater good. Virtually all religions have been based on the greater good — individualism has no place in any civilization. Nor do I have any interest in the pursuit of happiness. I am in pursuit of fairness and dignity for all people — black, white, pink with purple spots, and dark green.

People who have no interest in the pursuit of happiness, and have the gall to put it in writing, are not people to look for enlightenment on how best to live within a society. Neither is such a light bulb of intellectual thought to be taken seriously but by those with a dictatorial bent. You know, the kind of people that say “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” with a straight psychopathic face à la Duranty.

Individualism is a Christian concept that sets the individual as sovereign. This also explains the author’s distaste for the religion. It does not matter to these intellectuals that collectivists experiments have failed over and over again for well over 3 centuries. Before the mindlessness of Soviet Communism there were many collectivist communities experiments in Europe and the US that were tried and failed to take hold precisely because we humans cherish our individuality. Even the Kibbutz in Israel almost disappeared in the 90s before reforms were made allowing for more individuality; like greater allocated budgets for those who earn more over those who earn less. Once you do away with the individual “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” you get someone like the author of that article, not asking you but, telling you what you need to do for the “collective happiness”.

Any normal human being knows there is no such thing as “collective happiness”; only “individual happiness” exist. Societies are not happy only individuals can be happy; and amongst those the ones that come in “black, white, pink with purple spots, and dark green”.

  • American exceptionalism boggles my mind. Sorry, but there is nothing great about America. America is technologically behind Europe. It’s food is both more expensive and very unhealthy. It’s misinformed about a great many things, and because most Americans don’t travel to Europe, to New Zealand, to Australia, etc. they have no idea how limited and retrogressive they really are. American exceptionalism lives only in the minds of a percentage of Americans (the conservative type).

The idea of American exceptionalism boggles the mind of all Leftists. What else can anyone expect from those showing contempt for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? 

I found out, after reading the article, that America is technologically behind Europe; and since the author took the trouble of writing that down it must be true! Food in the US cost essentially the same and even cheaper than many Western European countries according to statistics readily available on the Internet, but somehow I must take as good that food is more expensive in the US. Guess I have no option but to believe it! And whether in the US people eat unhealthy or not is an individual choice; but, of course, who cares about individual “pursuit of happiness”. 

According to the author Americans are misinformed, retrogressive and could learn a lot from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the author of the article who is willing to show the way! 

This contempt for America reminds me of Jean Francois Revell who, even though being French wrote, “The Anti-American Obsession; Its Functioning, Its Causes, Its Inconsequentialism”. 

At the end, her gripe is, as Revell said, inconsequential; because after all American Exceptionalism is real!! Ask the millions of immigrants who overwhelmingly decided to go North instead of South when coming to the New World, ask Europeans in 1917, ask the same enlightened Europeans in 1945, ask Berliners in 1949, ask the Soviets who saw a buggy off roading in the Moon with two flesh and bone Astronauts, ask Eastern Europeans in 1989, ask the Taliban in 2001 and Afghan women who fear the upcoming American withdrawal as well as the countless immigrants that prefer rape and physical assault trying to migrate through Mexico than staying in their beautiful but dysfunctional Leftist countries.

And once you finish asking around you will understand what Revell meant when he said Anti-Americanism is inconsequential.

  • “Welfare only for those who are genuinely in trouble” is a diatribe that I constantly hear. I happen to believe that it’s welfare for everybody who wants it. I firmly believe in Universal Basic Income, and having studied Modern Monetary Theory, I think it’s true that governments can print their own money, and there won’t be any negative consequence. We are producing twice what we need on this planet, and most of it is being trashed and going into landfills and the seas. I am a strong believer in the Welfare State. Germany has the third largest economy in the world, and she is very, very much a welfare state, and she pays her people well. So Margaret Thatcher’s famous statement “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” is poppycock. Welfare is part of the political system in Western Europe.

Leftism is a religion. It is an offshoot of Christianity. That is why its intellectual roots are in Europe. Take Christianity, strip it of its metaphysics and Common Sense, and voila Leftism is born. 

Leftism is Christianity going to eleven for you Spinal Tap lovers … but falling way short of it!

That is why Raymond Aaron stated that “Marxism is the opium of the Intellectuals”. Marxism being the pinnacle of Leftist thought and Das Capital its sacred text. All they need is faith. The truth is not something to look after out there on the outside but something that sprouts from within through the mere act of thinking like a Marxist/Leftist. That is why even though countless countries have destroyed their economies by printing money all a Leftist has to do is come up with a way to rationalize why they failed and keep pushing for the same mindless remedy. 

According to MMT theory all a government needs to do is to find enough ink and paper to print as much money as possible while monitoring interest rates! Why all other countries failed?; well they have all kinds of theories about sovereign currencies and the like. 

MMT is nothing more than chartalism, which sounds suspiciously like charlatanism and can be categorized as that. For a primer chartalism proposes that money originated with state’s attempt to direct economic activity instead of the correct idea that money is a complex system that emerges out of human action but not of human design; just like language. Think about it; you need to talk and communicate before being able to agree and design something with a group of people. Thus something as complicated as language could not have been designed but only emerge through constant human interaction. Only after language emerges can we communicate abstractions with other humans. The same happens with money. The concept of money itself cannot be imagined until it springs by itself through human action as humans struggle to survive! 

None of that makes sense to a Leftist; nor can you make them come to their senses. They will take you by the hand and show you that machine in Washington DC that prints money. And then they will look at you self assured while saying as counter argument “And that is all I have to say about that”; like Gump!

Suffice to say that any normal, breathing mature Adult that knows that “anything that sounds too good most probably is” would frown upon the idea that ink and paper are the only things keeping Politicians from gifting us a great house, a good well paying job, free healthcare, daycare, college education, a Tesla, Solar Power and, why not, Collective Happiness!

MMT is nothing more than Keynesianism rehashed. As Keynes said “In the long run we are all dead”; and so in the long run death or migration is the only way out for anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped in a Leftist run country.

Whether 60% of American taxes going to the military is necessary or not would depend on an analysis of what are we getting out of that allocation and if it is enough to meet the strategic commitments of the country. Only if these commitments can be met with much less than that 60% should we say that it is unacceptable.

Since the author is writing about Conservatives we could postulate that this is an indirect attack to American values in foreign politics. Let’s remind ourselves that Leftists always saw the Cold War as the result of US policies more than Soviet behavior, that they were enamored of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Central America’s “revolutionaries”, how much they despised Pinochet and romanticized Allende, how they idolized the Soviet experiment, how much they celebrated the policies from Chavez in Venezuela and Jane Fonda’s public relation stunts in favor of North Vietnam. Today they fantasize about leveling the playing field between Hamas and Israel and much celebrate China’s intervention in their own economy; dreaming of the day when it dawns to retrogressive Americans how far they are from Chinese like Collective Happiness and good food!

Once we are reminded of that; then we can hear the soft murmur behind that gripe….. “Defund the American Military for a more inclusive and peaceful world

  • Small government, i.e. privatization, is a serious misunderstanding of the goal of government. Yet conservatives constantly put the profits of business above the business of government. I am keen to shut down 50% of business to stop producing all the excess that is causing climate change, as well as completely removing lobbying (state capture) from government. I don’t believe that business should have any input whatsoever in government. And I believe that government is elected in order to serve the needs of the people. The more the population grows in numbers, and the more complex society becomes, the bigger government needs to be.

Remember; Leftism is a faith religion; all they have to do is think and blurt out, whatever contrivance they come up with as the truth. In which other way can anyone interpret a statement so utterly detached from reality as the author proclaiming that is “keen to shut down 50% of business to stop producing all excess that is causing climate change”? We have to remind ourselves that people who express these kinds of ideas are the same that believe in the magic of MMT. Just print money and spread it to those who would be affected when those 50% of businesses are shut down! The sheer power that a politician must have over the life of individuals is scary for any normal human being; except for a Leftist! That is the kind of world they dream and fantasize on when up, depressed and lonely at night.

According to the author Conservatives “constantly put the profits of business above the business of government.” Only a person beholden to the hollow idea of “Collectivist Happiness” could entertain the idea of putting the business of government over the profits of businesses. Business being nothing more than individuals gathered together to better serve the public for the selfish and individualistic reason of bettering their own conditions in life. The day we put the business of government above the profits of business say goodbye to sanity in the public arena. All we’ll get is the likes of AOC and Elizabeth Warren telling us (not asking us) how to be “Collectively Happy”!

Just imagine the possibility of living in a pristine world full of happiness and pure joy…like Pocahontas!

  • Prayer in schools. I don’t believe that mythology about non-existing entities who live in the invisible world ought to be taught to children as facts. Nor should they be encouraged to believe that their prayers will be answered. This leads to delusion. To my mind, schools are there to teach people working skills, the sciences, the numbers, the liberal arts, and language. That’s it. Religion ought to be totally abolished.

Religion ought to be totally abolished”! The author and which army will do that?

Is there anything more to add? Is it necessary to explain the total control a government must first have over the individual to EVEN entertain the idea of totally abolishing religion? Is there any other argument needed to better explain what “Collective Happiness” is to Leftists?

Religions are in themselves mutually exclusive. Do you understand why Leftism/Marxism is considered a religion and why it sees Christianity as the religion to supplant? It’s a Gramscian dream!

For the Leftist history is an inconvenience. Why do you think our youth is so ignorant of history? Once you do away with history any claim can be made and started anew even if it had failed before!

Our schools are nothing more than engineered insanity!

Has this person any inkling on what happened on those places where abolishing religion was actually attempted? Wasn’t the Soviet Minister, responsible to stamp out religion from the country, who said “religion is like a nail — the harder you hit it, the deeper it goes into the wood”? Is the author of this article fantasizing about going to the next level? Outright concentration camps and mass killing?

Religion will always exist for the simple reason that we do not know who we are, where we came from, why we are here and most importantly where we are going.

An Atheist may not need religion to try and find meaning to life but neither does a Psychopath needs emotions for meaningful human interactions either!

We do not think of Psychopaths as enlightened individuals to model ourselves after; neither does most people think of Atheists as such!

  • Ah, yes. Capitalism — the great love affair of conservatives. Well, capitalism is responsible for making most of the world poor. Modern civilisation is the result of the Enlightenment — not capitalism. Capitalism (like totalitarianism) effectively slowed down progress. Marx pointed out the long term outcome of capitalism a century and a half ago, and he was right. I’m also tired of conservative ignorance confusing totalitarianism with communism and socialism. Then, again, they also don’t know the difference between liberalism and progressivism.

At last, Marx is mentioned; rearing his ugly head once and for all! 

Wasn’t Deirdre McCloskey, the Harvard educated and Distinguished Professor at UIC who said that Marx was the greatest social scientist of the 19th century precisely because he was wrong about everything; thus forcing intellectuals to counter argue his ideas. It was these counter arguments that made much progress in economics. 

Marxism will always exist for the same reason that Flat Earthers, Astrology and Homeopathy will always exist! Once Rational Thinking is devoid of Common Sense there is no limit to the ideas that can be rationalized. This is precisely the fatal flaw of Rational Thinking; you can rationalize anything! Wisdom (the capacity of using empirical data with a heavy dose of Common Sense and Humility to reach a decision) must always accompany “Rational Thinking” if ever the truth is important enough to pursue.

Lack of Wisdom is the only reason why the author of that piece cannot see that communism/socialism is totalitarianism.

The author also tells us that Capitalism is responsible for making most of the world poor. For Leftists the world before Capitalism was something like “Little House in the Prairie” instead of what it really was; terrible, miserably poor, brutish and short. Capitalism has almost eradicated absolute poverty in the last 30 years according to statistics from the OECD; and would have done it more than 60 years ago if it were not for the follies of Leftists around the world. What Capitalism will never be able to do, nor anyone else, is eradicate relative poverty. There will always be people that will have more than others for a myriad of reasons that escape the mind of Leftists.

Lastly, the author repeats the greatest gaslighting that have suffered most people that cling to popular culture for their take of history. The myth of the Enlightenment as a movement that pushed us away from the obscurantism of religion. The Enlightenment is a ripple effect of Christianity; not a secular movement independent of Christian Philosophy. Even Nietzsche, who detested organized religion, conceded that had it not being for Christian Theology science would not have happened.

There is a painting at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican commissioned in 1509 named “The School of Athens” where Catholism celebrates the merge of Greek Natural Philosophy with Theology; Natural Philosophy being the “maidservant of Theology” as Thomas Aquinas proclaimed. It was the spread of Greek philosophy through the Universities which were all chartered by the Church that the Renaissance began in Italy and eventually the ideas of the Enlightment and most importantly Science itself as we know it today. 

What has Atheism brought to our lives worth discussing?

  • Family values. Oh — lordie. Which family would that be? The ones where the husband shoots his wife and 2.5 children because he had a bad day? The ones where the husband forces his wife into submission because the bible tells him that women are to submit to him? The ones who are interfering in woman’s contraceptive choices because they don’t want women to have sex outside marriage? The world has moved on. Jesus Christ does not exist. And there are more important things in life (like climate change, poverty, billionaires) than trying to prevent a woman from sleeping with the men she chooses to sleep with.

Here once more Leftism shows the lack of Good Sense that makes them so charming. Good Sense being nothing more than the ability to observe reality as is without adding to it.

Thus they see Capitalism as generating poverty when in reality poverty is the natural state of mankindCapitalism makes poverty more visible because of the stark contrast between that portion of society that has been lifted out of poverty and the people who continue being poor. It takes a Leftist mind to interpret that, as “Capitalism driving people into poverty”.

The same can be said of their take in regard to the traditional family. For them their Genesis story goes like this; “In the Beginning, women and children were happy singing and dancing in the prairie among daisies under the Sun of an eternal spring. And Mother Nature saw it was good. Then the patriarchal traditional family was imposed on them and the killing of innocent women and children began.” The End!

The Bible does tell women to submit to their husbands but in that same verse also tell men to submit to their wives! Do you have a clue of how ridiculous and unreasonable such a command was for men in Roman times? Love your wife sacrificially? Are you kidding?

Women were treated like children and their word did not meant much. So a religion that states that “there are no master or slave, no rich or poor, no men or women; all are the same under God” was a radical and shocking statement. Not the least the creation story where “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created HIM; MALE and FEMALE he created them.” To say that God created man and made him male and female creates an equality that in the ears of many men in those time sounded ridiculous. Care to understand why early Christians were overwhelmingly women in an era where demographically most people were men? No wonder in Roman times they treated Christianity as a superstition in need to be stamped out.

Women did not take arms and fought for their freedom. Women were able to fight for equality in Western Civilization (and only in Western Civilization) precisely due to these metaphysical stories. Suddenly they could argue that they were equals under the gaze of God! Ask a Leftist where do women emancipation comes from and they will mention something inane like Simone de Beauvoir or the first Feminist Wave! … or something dumb like that!

Leftism has rotted Classical Liberalism. It is a disease of the mind; a cancer that destroys the intellect and rots the spirit of those unfortunate souls seduced by its romantic and adolescent rhetoric.

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  1. “Individualism is a Christian concept that sets the individual as sovereign.”

    amazing lie there. I’ve read the bible, not one place does it say being an individual is a good thing. All it repeats is that one must obey this god.

    why does a christian choose to lie about something so easily disproven?

    Me gusta

    • The concept of “Natural Rights” as laid out by Thomas Aquinas led to the idea of “human rights” under scholastism christian theology. Mind you, there were no such thing as individual worth in any other Religion.

      Me gusta

      • The Bible is a story. The concept of Natural Rights and the supremacy of the individual are in the stories. The teachings from those stories are laid out in Christian Theology.

        Me gusta

      • Fair enough! But a metaphysical story nevertheless! As you well know, religious metaphysical stories are fundamental as a scaffold for rational thinking; that is why all societies from the most primitive to the most advanced had one. Religion drives culture, and culture drives politics. I would still defend the religion that drove culture and politics in Western Civilization.

        Me gusta

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